Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I know what you're probably thinking. I know that look in your mind's eye. "Something's happened," it says. We're used to things changing, but such sudden change is frightening. "Who is this fiend who thinks he can alter the universe, who has set about transforming something I know into something I don't." But I see things differently, and I invite you to see with my eyes. Although I have taken steps that cannot easily be retraced, actions that cannot be quickly undone, they can, and if you demand it, I will. But it is my hope that you will use this space like I plan to, as a place to tell stories that have for too long gone untold. Those stories require fertile ground in which to grow, and the old ground had grown over with weeds, so I have turned it. Sow your own seeds, cultivate my own, allow me to do the same, and we might one day have a garden.
Psst... Is anybody out there? If not, that's ok. I wouldn't blame you for keeping quiet. It's dark in here, and Lord only knows who might be listening. Or what. This dark is more than simply the absense of light after all. It is the substance that is displaced when something comes into being from the imagination. It is sentient, and it fights for its survival. Above all, it hates mankind for our ability to destroy it at will, decimate it more at a second thought, and even purge this universe of more of it while barely conscious, even unwilling. This space I have escaped into is an anomaly. A forgotten patch of darkness that will not be easily overwritten. It is raw power and I can feel it fighting my presence here. Will you listen to what I have to say?